About Coach C 

Welcome to the blog of someone who wears many hats and has many many things to write about.  I thought one beautiful summer day why not write about these many things.  See I’m a low maintenance kind of woman who lives in a high maintenance kind of world.  I wanted to share an insight of myself with people I know and the strangers that stumble along this blog.  As of now this blog will be my lifestyle.  In my life I wear many hats, as do many women.  I am a teacher, head coach (both which entail many smaller hats when it comes to the kids and my wonderful coworkers), new mother, girlfriend, makeup enthusiast, sport junkie, daughter… and many more.  I plan on using this blog to kind of touch on each hat I wear, so you will get a little of it all, hence why I chose to be an author of a lifestyle blog.

The title results in many adulting tasks I have to do. The kids at school always proclaim they are grown. Well I think I’m grown, but I’m still a child at heart.