38 weeks and just here waiting 

Well today is the last day of week 38. Before last week I wasn’t as nervous anymore as I had been. Baby boy still isn’t ready to be born. My cervix is still closed. Today when I had what I thought was my last appt I knew for sure something had changed for the better inside and knew it would be good news. Nothing has changed. Cervix is still hard nothing has budged. I’m beginning to get scared because I really don’t want a c section. I’ll be praying and doing what the doctor recommends so my body can get ready. I know I’m not ready but I’ll be ready over c section if that’s what JD is waiting on. At first we were looking at scheduling an induction, now I have another dr appt on my due date and I’ll be praying hard that something will have changed for the better. It’s looking like the second week of August now, which I really don’t want because there are more birthdays for JD to share. I already have to share mine and I don’t want him to have to do the same. Well enough of my selfish rant. Below are some symptoms I’ve ran into this past week:

Acid- lemonade, soda and any small bit of acidic candy has made my tummy hurt and not sat too well with me. When in fact that was how I got thru the first trimester. In week 38 you wanna decide no more?!? Ughhh ok.

Contractions at night- he’s always been active at night but now I’m getting contractions and he’s moving at night. Like 9pm to 3am.  Idk what JD and my body think this is but it’s not that kind of party.

Frequent moving- again with the moving. I’ll completely feel him all he way over in my right side some times. Lol and he must be in there practice bball drills. Lol

Laying on my left side fixes everything- yes it really does except when I’m sore and can’t get comfortable. But everything else it fixes!!!

Ice over load- I’m back to liking cold things. The other day I froze my 100% cranberry juice. It came out as a perf slushie. So gooood. On Saturday I drank a small amt of oj in a cup full of ice with some water. It was the bestest thing ever though!!!!

Well at the beginning of the week I was over water. But seeing as everything I want to drink has too much acid. Water it is.

JD and I at 38 weeks.
Coaching tip: being pregnant has taught me an immense amt of patience. Being that I’m a teacher I already constantly gain it and lose it. But being pregnant is like waiting on Christmas.

Coach c

37 weeks

My goodness. Where has the time gone and where has my lower body gone ( I can’t see it if I look down while standing.) I’m slightly panicking. I’m not ready. His room is finally coming along. I’m def over being pregnant, it’s so hard to do freaking normal things that I am so used to doing.  For example sitting up in the bed in the morning!!! I miss sleeping on my belly! I’m such a procrastinator.  I haven’t finished packing my hospital bag nor have I set the car seat up in my car.  I’ll just make this post about this week and I’ll follow up with a post about pregnancy for me overall.

 This week- This little boy likes to violently kick me late at night. He’ll kick enough during the day so you know he’s there, but then he turns up at about 10pm. Time is definitely ticking and he will be here before you know.  Mommy and Daddy are excited and extremely nervous.  I have already come to terms about labor that it will hurt and there is nothing I can do to take that away.  I’ll probably act a fool in the hospital.(lol) I just pray everything goes smoothly with us these last few weeks into labor.  After that, I know it gets hard, but I figure God wouldn’t have blessed us with this baby boy if we couldn’t get it done.  I had no idea how expensive babies really and truly were but, I am def turning into a penny pincher who likes to shop.  If it’s on sale I’ll probably buy it.  Last week Dr said the baby had not dropped all the way yet and I had barely dilated any.

There is still so much I feel the need to do.  his room isn’t complete, but the buyers remorse in me is saying wait for what you want to go on sale.

**Coach’s Tip: **A good piece of advice from me is once you have your baby showers (I had 3). Then start stalking what big things you still need.  Stalk them on whatever website or store they may be at.  Look for any deals you can get. For example I am still in need of a rug and a rocker.  I already know what rocker I want.  As for the rug I want a grey soft plush one, since his room is hard wood.  Well two weeks ago Walmart had 10% cashback through ebates, I have no idea why I just didn’t purchase it then! I’m beating myself up over it and now they only have a measly 4% cash back.  It’s more than the normal 1% but it isn’t 10%.  Now for the rug, I found one that acceptable at Target and it’s on sale but I feel like I can get it for cheaper.  Them I found this amazing one at Tj Maxx.  It’s a little more expensive but it’s heavenly soft.  You know at TJ maxx if you don’t buy it right then and there you may be out of luck.  I have another app called shopkicks and you get points for going into stores.  Those points can be redeemed for gift cards.  So I figured if i can get this $25 that’ll make the rug cheaper.  Still won’t be as cheap as the target one but it will feel much better.  So shop around, and don’t settle, unless you feel like you this deal won’t be beat! IE- the walmart one.

Until Next time– Coach C.