38 weeks and just here waiting 

Well today is the last day of week 38. Before last week I wasn’t as nervous anymore as I had been. Baby boy still isn’t ready to be born. My cervix is still closed. Today when I had what I thought was my last appt I knew for sure something had changed for the better inside and knew it would be good news. Nothing has changed. Cervix is still hard nothing has budged. I’m beginning to get scared because I really don’t want a c section. I’ll be praying and doing what the doctor recommends so my body can get ready. I know I’m not ready but I’ll be ready over c section if that’s what JD is waiting on. At first we were looking at scheduling an induction, now I have another dr appt on my due date and I’ll be praying hard that something will have changed for the better. It’s looking like the second week of August now, which I really don’t want because there are more birthdays for JD to share. I already have to share mine and I don’t want him to have to do the same. Well enough of my selfish rant. Below are some symptoms I’ve ran into this past week:

Acid- lemonade, soda and any small bit of acidic candy has made my tummy hurt and not sat too well with me. When in fact that was how I got thru the first trimester. In week 38 you wanna decide no more?!? Ughhh ok.

Contractions at night- he’s always been active at night but now I’m getting contractions and he’s moving at night. Like 9pm to 3am.  Idk what JD and my body think this is but it’s not that kind of party.

Frequent moving- again with the moving. I’ll completely feel him all he way over in my right side some times. Lol and he must be in there practice bball drills. Lol

Laying on my left side fixes everything- yes it really does except when I’m sore and can’t get comfortable. But everything else it fixes!!!

Ice over load- I’m back to liking cold things. The other day I froze my 100% cranberry juice. It came out as a perf slushie. So gooood. On Saturday I drank a small amt of oj in a cup full of ice with some water. It was the bestest thing ever though!!!!

Well at the beginning of the week I was over water. But seeing as everything I want to drink has too much acid. Water it is.

JD and I at 38 weeks.
Coaching tip: being pregnant has taught me an immense amt of patience. Being that I’m a teacher I already constantly gain it and lose it. But being pregnant is like waiting on Christmas.

Coach c

Pregnancy curly hair routine

So For the past years I have tried to get my hair to its healthiest state. Meaning cutting back on the bleaching and the heat. Some hairs days my curls look a lot better than others.  Once I found out I was pregnant I’ve tried to live a more simple life. From hair care to skin care to many other aspects. I’ve changed my hair care routine many times while being pregnant. And I think this one I just stumbled upon has my curls lasting to a day 3 or 4 before the bun comes in. I’ll walk you thru what I use and give you a mini review on these products as well. 
I don’t wash my hair with shampoo much it dries my hair out so much. Ive also been trying to use what I have at home up to clear up space for my lil man. It’s hard but it’s part of living simpler. Lol. My fave shampoo that I currently have is head and shoulders. 

For conditioner I’ve used the Aussie 3 min moisture deep treatment.  I’ll leave it in my hair while I finish my shower. 

Once my hair was cut shorter I no longer needed to take the denman brush in the shower to help detangle. 

Now when I wash my hair sometimes I just condition.  When it comes to deep conditioning I have found a cheap one that works amazing. It is sold in small packets but with my hair being short I can get about 2-3 uses out of each pack. Each pack is less than $2 (saving money!)

When using I’ll brush my hair out using my denman brush. Wet my hair then put product in my hair. Brush product thru with my brush. I will put a shower cap on over hair, on top of shower cap I will secure a towel, to help keep heat in and secure shower cap. I will sleep overnight in it and rinse out the next day. After I got my hair cut and rebleached my hair was limp. I did this routine 3 times in a row. Then put some coconut oil in my hair and it def helped a lot. 

After I rinse out I will brush my hair with my denman brush and add in some leave in conditioner. At the time I am using 

The above product is always a staple. Now after this my routine changes depending on how I feel. Sometimes I’ll just put the above product in and let my hair air dry. If I continue the process next is usually: 

Again sometimes my routine stops there. If I keep going the last product I apply on my wet hair is a gel. 

This product smell amazing. Now after each product I will brush thru my hair with the denman brush then scrunch my hair. If I’m being lazy. I’ll appl all the products then at the end brush thru. Now my hair will air dry. After my hair is dry I scrunch the crunch away with some oil. I will only apply a small amount and scrunch the ends where the bleach is. Sometimes I do this before I let my hair air dry. 

To revive my hair each day I part my hair diff ways to help detangle. I spray with water. Apply a small amount of leave in conditioner then scrunch my hair. Apply a small amount of oil and I’m done. 

Hope everyone enjoyed my insight. Maybe you can try a product. If you want a more in depth review on something let me know. Also what are your curly hair go to products. I will never live w/ out that deep conditioner and my denman brush. 

Before I cut my hair. I rebleached because when I cut it all the blonde was gone. I couldn’t go all dark. My hair is air drying in this pic as well. 

New cut and color and hair was dry. I only applied leave in conditioner and one pump of oil here. 

-Coach C 

Well Hello Blogging world…

Hello out there,

I am going by Coach C on the blog.  I am from Texas.  If you have not read my about me section, this is almost repetitive I feel like, but may be I can go into more depth about myself.  I chose to start this blog because I want to share my life to a certain extent with you. So the point of this blog is keep it 100 about the life I live and the world I live in.  I wear many hats on a day to day basis.

Just me- From Texas. Graduated from the University of Texas. Lived in Austin for 6 years.  Moved back to Houston in 2014. Expecting first child with Boyfriend.  He’s due August 2nd.

Teacher- I won’t tell you what school I work at due to privacy reasons.  I will tell you about it.  I will be starting my fourth year once I do go back to work.  I am a PE teacher, I do plan on getting another certification soon, which I have been telling myself for years, but I am the QUEEN of procrastination.  Diamonds are made when the pressure is on.  The school I work at is a one of a kind.  We are a title one school.  This school takes special people to work at.  My first year was pretty hard.  We got a new principal half way thru the year.  People quit before the semester was over.  Many people didn’t finish the year out.  It was a high turnover rate.  Now as we begin year 4- We have a new principal.  I’m sure we have other new people as well, seeing as I have been staying away from work this summer due to me wanting to enjoy my summer and being pregnant.

Coach-  I have been the head basketball coach at the HS for 3 years and we have had a very successful program.  This year I decided to step down and relinquish my program to someone who will have more energy and time for the girls.  Seeing as the BF is a basketball coach as well I decided to make the sacrifice because we have the same game days and it was going to be very difficult both of us coming home at 10 or later two or more times a week.  I will be moving to Varsity girls track this year.  I will def touch base on this more in the blog.  As a head coach to these girls I play many roles.  I’ve been parents, best friend, sibling, mentor, provider, driver. You name it, I’ve been it!

New Mommy- Yall will be on this journey with me.  There has been many things I have learned plus more to learn.  I will share many things with you.  Starting with my first blog post- PS it’s already up.  I also posted my first coaching tip with it.  I am having a boy and beyond excited for the adventures he will bring to our lives.

Beauty enthusiast/ shopper!-  I will share review here of different products and any deals or hacks I may use.  I love makeup and shopping esp when it’s on sale.  I started by trying to share my life thru youtube, but I’m so low maintenance that dealing with a camera and filming and editing just took too much extra time from me.  I did a few videos last summer but at the end of the school year just couldn’t get back into it.  So i figured I would better enjoy writing.  I can do it from my phone or computer.

Sport Junkie- Well obviously if I coached basketball and volleyball and am now moving to track! I love sports I always have and I always will.  I love basketball, but can watch or play any sport possible.  Expect posts on coaching tidbits and any major sporting issues.


I’ll try to post 1-2 a week, but as a new mother, teacher, coach, and trying to keep from household from exploding it may be hard at times.  I’ll ask that you bare with me as we endure this journey together!

-Coach C